Friday, June 8, 2012

Week Filled with Fiber Fun

Weekend Shawl
This was a really fun shawl to knit until I got to the bind off.  I used needles 2 sizes larger than I used for the shawl .....took it to Your Local Yarn Shop for blocking and KellyJ said the bind off was to tight and I'd have to redo it.  BIG sigh! 

Put it aside for a while till I could bring myself to work on it again.  I was having such a great week I decided this was the time to tackle the problem.  Still used 2 size larger needles and bound off using the stretchy bind off method I found on Youtube.

It turned out much more relaxed so I thought I was home free.   NOT!  Took it back to the shop yesterday and Kelly said even though it was much better, it was still not loose enough to block the lace out completely.  This time some "strong language" was used instead of the "BIG sigh".

The good news is Kelly is taking pity on me and is going to rip out the bind off and get it back on my needles so I can try once again using a Lucy Neatby bind off technique.  I'm hoping 3rd times charm!.....I'll let you know how it works out.

On a more positive note......yesterday I completed my Color Affection using the Lucy Neatby technique so the bind off is perfect.  Happy face! it just needs to be blocked.


Spun  this yarn from roving I purchased from Yarn Hollow......4 oz BFL colorway Spumoni and 4 oz BFL/Tussah Silk colorway Morning Spice.   It turned out to be a very happy skein........196 yds, don't know how many ounces since I didn't take the time to find my scale.

I'm currently spinning some Merino Tussah Silk top in colorway Electric Chai (again from Yarn Hollow) to ply with a bobbin of Fin I purchased at The Spinning Loft.
Big bobbin on left Finn, Electric Chai on wheel
Wow....look how close the two colorways are turning out and I bought them months apart.  I was hoping for some difference between the two so I'm looking forward to seeing how the yarn turns out.  Will the color run be different on the Yarn Hollow or will I end up with a barber pole affect?   Now I need to spin, spin, spin to find the answer to that question.

The weather was so beautiful, I decided to get out the dye pot..........

Dyed up several skeins of my mill spun Suri/Merino yarn in Violet and 8oz. of my Suri/Merino roving in Buttercup.

I've had problem dyeing without felting my Suri/Merino roving but after getting some pointers from a couple of people I decided to give it another try.  When I had the fiber processed I had one side done in white and the other in light fawn.   It certainly looks better than my earlier tries but I'll have to see how it spins before I can judge how well I did this time.

So that's what I got accomplished duirng my fiber filled week........thanks for stopping I'm off to read about everyone else's fiber week and to start my Whippoorwill shawl.


  1. Your Color Affection is beautiful!

  2. I'm with Vivian - love that Color Affection. And I'm so sorry to hear about your bind-off woes - I'd have used a few choice words as well. :)

    And I'll look forward to seeing whether or not you avoid the barber pole look!

  3. Wow, you're so busy!

    I love the spun yarn ... looks like yummy sherbet!

    I usually have to bind off socks twice before I get them loose enough to fit up over my calves.

  4. I LOVE LOVE LOVE your COlor Affection! Now I really want to knit one. When is the question. Geez, remind me to visit KellyJ before I redo my bindoff on the cowl. Yikes! Third time is the charm, right?

  5. oooolala!!!! Your colour affection is gorgeous - I'm curious about the bind off, I haven't heard of the Lucy one before. I'll have to check it out. I can't believe you've had to rip out the bind off three times :(
    And, your spinning!!!! Delicious! And your dyeing...
    I'm such a newbie spindler - I'd love to get as good as you!

  6. Love all the colors and the yarn. That shawl is so beautiful!!

  7. oh gosh, I can not even imagine binding off a project more than one. eek.

    I really like the color of that buttercup roving. I hope it spins well.

  8. Wow!! You accomplished a lot!! It all looks wonderful. Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog.

  9. Both of your shawls are fabulous. You will owe Kelly a large debt or a great big hug for taking out that bind off, LOL What a great friend she must be. Your spinning is oh so pretty and that buttercup roving is delish.