Friday, January 13, 2012

Fiber Arts Friday ~ Artistic Endeavors

The last couple of months I've been researching mixed media art and decided I'd start my "New Year" by giving it a try.  The first thing I learned is how hard it is to decide when the project is finished!  Right now I'm not sure any of them are finished but I'm having an awesome time and I'm sure they'll let me know when their done.

Using "used" dryer sheets, handmade papers and decoupage glue......two fabric pieces.  I'm calling them fabric because they turned out to be really flexible.  Just waiting for them to dry completely and then I think I'm going to try sewing on some embellishments...kind of like a crazy quilt.  Uses????  cover journals.....cut them up to use in other mixed media projects...who knows....right now it's just all about trying something new.

I bought some canvas.......YIKES.....big, white, blank.....scary!!! ....a sample box of Golden Acrylic Gel Mediums & Molding Pastes and dove in.  

 Now I've seen this picture....definitely not done.  Way to much white showing.....maybe some buttons....hmmmmm how can I add some fiber?  Love all the textures.
Next try...... 

Now I'm getting to the mixed media part.  Still needs something at the top right....maybe a clock? 

The wonder of mixed media (unlike my knitting) is if I can't figure out what to do next......just grab a fresh canvas and start a new piece!  Why can't I let myself have more then one knitting project at a time?  Who knows....maybe this artistic endeavor will help me to relax in my fiber arts.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!