Friday, October 28, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ Coils

Well at least I'm attempting coils....only time will tell.  I've been devouring my Intertwined book and decided I'd have a go at coils.

Since I was helping Miss Wonder Why Gal at the Fiber Expo last weekend, I thought this would be a good time to try this technique.  I took a couple of my hand carded batts using suri, merino, silk and angelina intending on mixing them together.......

but when we were setting up the booth out came this wonderful Halloween batt that Andrea had created.

How fast can you say SWAP?.......I couldn't say it fast enough!   Andrea's batt is a blend of alpaca, merino, bamboo, silk, nylon and glitz.

Hmmmm....don't they look like their getting cozy?

So off I started on my new technique......what a challenge this turned out to be.  The only way I could make the thick parts was to completely stop spinning, draft out a larger amount and then start spinning again.  But I figured whatever works, right?  Actually this gave me the perfect opportunity to explain to people that even if you've spun for a techniques can still be a challenge.

A fellow spinner, who'd stopped to watch, told me it would be easier if I was spinning from top instead of batts.   Oops..already committed....

First bobbin complete

I was hoping to get both bobbins filled so I could try core plying them this week.  Didn't meet that goal...working shows can be sooooo exhausting.  But this is what I had spun by the end of the show.
I thought no problem...I can get that second bobbin filled in no time.  As luck would have it, while unloading the car, my drive band got stuck on my suitcase and snap went the band.  Of course I didn't have any bands on hand so there sits my almost filled second bobbin.  Hopefully, the new bands will arrive today so I can get this bobbin filled and move on to trying my hand at core spinning.  With luck I will have my yarn complete by next week so I can share.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ This and That

This is the best way I can describe my week.  I was determined to finish up some projects that somehow just kept being put on the bottom of my list.  So out came my UFO's.......

I started these Jammies by Chris de Longpre' KnittingAtKNoon back in April as a store sample for Your Local Yarn Shop.    I used Fixation yarn by how the variegation worked out in the top.  Happy to have them finished!
The Key to Warmth was a project I started to use up some of my hand spun.  The darker color was one of my first carded batts from a couple years ago that I paired with a commercial yarn.  I've done several of the KellyJ patterns in her Key series because they work up quickly and are a great way to use up smaller amounts of hand spun.  Their a win, win situation.

My last two projects were not in my knitting basket but just as persistent in wanting my attention.  Neither one is finished but their moving along nicely now.

My first skein spun for my Stripe Your Fancy shawl.  Finally got my second bobbin filled on my Ashford and plied it (drum roll please) using my new Lendrum.  Love, love, love the Lendrum and it's jumbo flier.  The skein measured 290 yds....not one knot....yeah!  Now to finish the last of my  batt and then I'll need to start working on the accent yarns. 

and last but not least....... 

my bead embroidered bracelet.  I'm pretty sure all the accent areas are complete.  Now all I have to do is sew on the back ground beads and attach it to the cuff blank. 

I probably won't get much further on these last two project in the next week.  Our farm is taking part in an Arts and Eats Tour on October 15 and 16 from 10am - 5pm.  If your local, please stop by and meet our alpacas (and my husband's pet goats) and introduce yourself.  I'd love to meet you in person...bring along your wheel/knitting/felting and join in along with some of my friends who will be demonstrating through out the weekend. 

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!