Friday, June 29, 2012

Fiber-licious Fun

Just a quick post as the day has gotten away from me.  Had a great week for dying some yarn.

First up was some lace weight 100% Suri....... came a blend of brushed Suri and nylon.  I really like using one strand of mohair for plying with my handspun so was thrilled when I found this brushed Suri.  Who needs mohair when you can have Suri......right?  Just kidding, I'm sure there'll still be mohair in my spinning future.

Currently working on 100 % alpaca in fingering...........

On my wheel......the last of my stash from Yarn Hollow.  On the larger bobbin is Merino superwash top in colorway Spumoni.   I'm spinning up 4 oz. of Merino superwash top colorway Bengal Bees.  I think this will make for an interesting combo.
My plan was to have all my bobbins emptied for the start of Tour de Fleece tomorrow.  You know how that goes.....

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend....enjoy the 4th and will see you next week.


  1. Alpaca, alpaca and more alpaca :-) such pretty fibers!

  2. Did you spin all of that yarn?

    Yikes! Where have I been?

    I love what is on your bobbin right now.

  3. I'm with Andrea - yikes, that's a lot of spinning! I love the alpaca, and the color combo on the smaller bobbin. That will indeed be an intriguing combo, but I think we're all going to like it once you show it to us. :)