Friday, July 26, 2013

Goals Accomplished

For once the goals I set for the Tour de Fleece turned out to be within my reach....YAY!!

Goal 1:  complete the roving I'd started prior to the tour.

Goal 2:  spin lace.  First up......4 oz. of brown alpaca/silk top followed by 6 oz. dyed 100% merino.

Day 1 - 3:  completed the yarn I started before the tour....464 yds. sport

Day 4 - 12: alpaca/silk yarn complete....364 yds. lace

Day 12 - 21: merino yarn complete....just in time to cross the finish line!...508 yds.

My victory collage

Big, big thanks to Ms. Wonder Why for being our team leader again this year.  We had a very chatty group....lots of photos and information was shared and questions answered.....couldn't have asked for a better group of spinners.

What I learned on this tour....lace takes a l-o-n-g time to spin!...LOL.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. Yay! Team Wonder Rock!! Well done for achieving your goals, it was a blast :-)

  2. Was a super fun tour.... and you are soooo right about the lace. lol.

  3. Your lace yarn is awesome! Love the finsh line pic.

  4. I am in love with your yarns and I can't wait to see you knitting them.

  5. This all looks like perfection! lovely!!!

  6. They all came out just great - super spinning!