Friday, March 8, 2013

Oh So Slow a Week

I guess with all my crazy need to create the last few weeks, my mind decided it just needed a break.  Soooo, I accomplished very little this week in the crafting department.  Lazed about with some reading, after discovering the author Lisa Jackson at my local library.  Spent some time on YouTube and checking out Pinterest and had quite a few errands/appointments.

But I was determined I'd get my Palette of Colors done.....after all I only had one cuff to finish.  Love how it turned out.
Also moving along nicely on my Sweetness the half way mark.
LOL......I think this has been my shortest post ever!!!  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  My plan for Saturday, besides work, is to start knitting on the Viajante shawl with a couple of friends.  If your close to Your Local Yarn Shop, stop on by to see our progress.  Our first hurdle will be winding 2200 yds of lace weight.....Yikes!


  1. Slow week? Looks like you are getting a bit done. LOL! Love the shrug.

  2. Palette and Sweetness are looking nice indeed. Can't wait to see what the cowl looks like finished.

  3. Your new shrug looks lovely. I have been thinking about making something from Helen's Lace, this is very enticing!

  4. Look at you, beautiful lady! Your Palette of Colors turned out great. I can't wait to see it in person.

  5. This is a slow week? You have accomplished so much!. Your shrug came out beautifully and your shawl project with your friends should be fun to do. Thanks for your nice comments on my blog.

  6. Your shrug is beautiful. It looks lovely on you.

  7. Your shrug looks ever so cozy, I popped over to check out the newest pattern you are taking on, wowza, that is a lot of knitting!

    1. I was just intrigued with this shawl.....kept going back to it, got some others interested and we decided to give it a go. Easy project to work while visiting with dad.