Friday, January 18, 2013

I've Lost My Focus!

For those of you who have spent any time with me can testify,  I'm usually very focused on just working on one project at a time.  Well I guess maybe some of my friends have rubbed off on me or my life has just been taking me in many different directions.

Whatever the cause, I just can't seem to focus on any one project right now.  I'm jumping around like Mexican jumping beans.

I'm still working on my Palette of Colors shrug.  Almost done with this section then I can block it and do the cuffs.  Must stay focused......must stay focused!

Well so much for staying focused.......I was surfing around Ravelry (I know, I know, what was I doing surfing Ravelry?...should have been knitting on my shrug) and found these cuffs and just had to give them a try....their called Elf Clobbers.

Of course the cuffs knit up quickly and then I realized the next part was crochet.  Oops.....I don't crochet!  Luckily I have a friend that does.  I talked to her last Wednesday when I saw her at Your Local Yarn Shop knit night and she was so nice she didn't even make me whine.  She just said "sure I'll do them for you". What a sweetie.....thanks so much Sue.  Now I just have to knit the ruffle and they will be done.  I love them so my focus will have to switch from the Palette of Colors to these since she just returned them yesterday.
On a non fiber note, I decided to try my hand at painting and re purposing some furniture pieces.  My husband found a buffet that he wants to use as an entertainment center for his new 50" flat screen and he asked if I would paint it red for him.  What the heck....RED......well why not!  I'd just recently found out about Annie Sloan Chalk in I jumped.

Buffet before painting

Inside painted Old White

Outside painted with 1 coat of Graphite

Since I don't know what I'm doing, I'm still trying to decide if I will give it another coat of Graphite or just start in on Emperors Silk.  Once I have the red coat on, I will do some sanding because I want to have some places where the original color shows and some with the graphite color with the red being the focus. This is a very bold red color so I'll be using Annie Sloan dark wax to finish the project and this will tone down the red quite a bit.  I think I'll need to spend some more time on YouTube to help me make up my mind.

Maybe losing my focus was just what I needed to open up my creativeness!


  1. Melissa--I love how 'all over the place' you certainly works for you!!
    The cuffs are adorable. I've never heard of a half knit/half crochet project, before. Are they common?
    The bureau is going to look smashing, too! I can't wait to see it finished! XO-

    1. Heather...I don't know if knit/crochet pattern are common or not. Since I don't crochet, I've never looked for them before. Can't say I'm really happy about being "all over the place" but I figure there must be a lesson I'm supposed to learn.

  2. Love the colors in your shrug yarn! And the cuffs will be adorable! Wow, such a big project to take on with painting the buffet. You are the DIY Queen!

  3. I'm loving that buffet. I enjoyed refinishing furniture when I was a kid... haven't done any in quite a long time... I love the smell of sanded wood and paint. :-)

    Don't worry or feel guilty about your shrug. It will be finished when it's ready to be finished.

  4. oh, how do you only have a couple of projects going at one time? I admit, my 13 or so is a few too many wips, but man, only two? (and you should really try crochet!)

  5. I think it is great to be so multi-tasked! And all your projects look really great!

  6. Some times in life we're just multidirectional, I think. :) Hope all your projects come together soon and you find some focus! :)

  7. The cuffs are adorable, and they look finished already. Are you adding more ruffles on the top? I need to come back and see the finished project!

  8. The cuffs are really nice. I guess that is quite unusual to have a pattern that is half knit and half crochet.

  9. Happy Belated Birthday! I love the Elf Cobblers. We missed you last weekend. Looking forward to seeing your progress with the cabinet.

  10. Your knitting is beautiful but that cabinet is awesome! I can't wait to see it finished. On the subject of Downton could always rent the series from Netflix. Totally worth it.