Friday, January 25, 2013

Awesome Week

I'm happy to write that this week I was able to keep focused on completing a couple of my projects.

First on my list...... my husband's entertainment center.
before painting


My original plan was to do some sanding on the edges to give it a Shabby Chic look.  When I asked Jim his thoughts on sanding the edges, he told me he liked it just the way it was.  Good news for me.....first finished piece using Annie Sloan chalk paint.
His 50" flat screen was delivered yesterday and I must looks pretty cool.  Now to just get rid of our huge sleeper sofa which is taking up so much room I can't get a decent picture.  The house is slowly getting a "new look" and we're very happy with the way it's all turning out.
Second finished project Elf Clobbers
I love, love, love how these turned out.  My friend Jill and I checked out a couple new stores in Hastings on Tuesday and the owner of a clothing store thought they were awesome.  She had to try them on and show them to a several other customers.  Then she asked if I would make a pair for her.  Wow.....what a compliment.
On the knitting front.....still working on my Palette of Color shrug but did get started on my next furniture project.
I've been using this cabinet in my studio to hold all my dying equipment but thought it would make an awesome island in my new kitchen.  On Tuesday I emptied it out and after quite a bit of struggle, we managed to get it up the stairs so I could get it washed and ready to paint.
When I started washing it down, I realized it had been painted with an oil base paint and Anne Sloan paint is latex.  Problem.......or so I thought.  I was planning on having to sand it down and prime it with Kilz but I was told that wouldn't be necessary.  Just to go right ahead and paint it with the chalk paint.
First coat applied on yesterday.....
Yikes.......pretty rough looking.  I left it to dry over night and today I'll be putting on the second coat.  Sure hope it looks better!.....keep your fingers crossed.
That's it for me, now it's time to head over to Wisdom Begins In Wonder to see what everyone else has been doing......then  back to painting.
Happy Fiber Arts Friday everyone!


  1. It's gorgeous! Want to come to Indiana and do some furniture painting for me? I'll pay in yarn!!! LOL. The wristlets are darling.

  2. lovely projects. The furniture is looking great, you are so brave! The wristletts are lovely too.

  3. That's a VERY high compliment! The cuffs and the cabinet both look great! I think the red paint turned out pretty good, not too bright.

  4. Melissa--This 'jumping around' thing is really working for you...look at the terrific things you've created!!! The furniture is working out wonderfully...and I absolutely love the cuffs...too cute! XO-

  5. Oh the cobblers came out great!!!! And nice job on the refinishing...

  6. The first chest turned out beautiful... anxious to see the next.

  7. The paint job on the entertainment center looks divine! Wish I can be a fly on the wall while you work, I really want to learn how to refinish my cabinets and furniture.

  8. Look at you go! Love the stand for the television. The Elf Cobblers are super adorable and the new stand is looking great. I can't wait to see all of your projects in person.