Friday, September 9, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ Breaking my silence

I'm back after what seems to be months and months of missing out on Fiber Arts Friday.

I would like to say "Thank You" to everyone who stopped by my booth at Michgian Fiber Festival to chat and support me on my fiber journey.  Words cannot express my thanks to Linda and Kelly (Your Local Yarn Shop) for all their help.......I am so blessed to have so many amazing friends.  I know...sappy, sappy but sooooo true!

Then I was able to attend Stitches for the first time.  What an experience that was!!!!  I must admit it was a little overwhelming so my only purchase was 4 oz of roving and some fun little scissors from HiyaHiya called Puppy Snips.

Over Labor Day weekend we were off to Lama Fest at MSU for a weekend of camping and vending.  What a hot, hot weekend that turned out to be.  Jim and I had a good time getting caught up with friends we havn't seen since last years show.

So...I don't have to much to share in the way of fiber goodness.  I did spin during Lama Fest and managed to get two bobbins filled and plied after getting home.

This is a blend of Suri/Merino in natural colors of white and fawn.

KellyJ asked if I would make a sample of a pattern she designed for Kalamazoo Knits called The Anne Shoulder Wrap for a new photo shoot. For the bottom and shoulder shaping she had me use one strand of ShiBuiKnits 100% alpaca DK with a strand of Giada trends.  The Giada has lovely little sequins throughout which adds a nice sparkly touch.  The main part of the body was done using 2 strands of the ShiBui.  I just love the way it turned out and the orange color is stunning.

Oops, gotta husbands new Kingquad was just delivered and he needs help geting it out of the crate.  He said "don' forget to bring your camera so you can take pictures for me"!.... so sweet.

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. Yea, good to see you posting again! The yarn and capelette look wonderful, I can see the twinkle of sparkle. Congratulations on the new edition to your farm!

  2. Very pretty hand spun yarn. How was the Llama Fest? Glad you are back.

  3. Nice to see you around these parts again. That capelet color is stunning! And I love your handspun.

    Oh, if only people would just send their handspun to me, Voie de Vie (said in her best Al Franken voice). :)

  4. Hooray to see you back. I need to see that caplet in looks more red than orange and you know if it's orange I'll be a drooling all over it.

  5. Your comment about Stitches made me smile. The first time I went to Stitches West I was so stunned at all the colors and designs I decided I'd live my life in black and white! Then of course I went back the following year, and the year after that ....

    The orange wrap is beautiful!

  6. I went to Stitches South last year and nearly got teary-eyed when I walked into the Marketplace. I called my husband to have him remind me of what I had budgeted, then ignored it because I had my daughter The Enabler with me :-)

    I'm glad you enjoyed your festivals. Your yarn is beautiful & so is the capelet. Nice work!

  7. So cute that he wants you to take pictures. Sounds like you were bowled over by Stitches. I've always thought about going but can't seem to get over there. Maybe if there is a bus or something next year I'll plan on going. Have a happy weekend!