Friday, August 5, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ Count down to Festival

Festival, what festival?........the wonderful Michigan Fiber Festival of course!

I have just 9 days left to get everything done before heading out to Allegan.  Oh, and I must not forget to mention,  you really need to check out the festival's awesome blog....helpful information....beautiful pictures....great inspiration!  This blog was created by...... drum roll please.......none other than the amazing "Wonder Why Gal".  Really...what does she not get involved in? does she find the time? 

I don't know  the answers to these questions but she's done a fab u lous  job on the festivals blog.  Hopefully you can find the time to link over and check out her awesome posts.   And of course..... don't forget to sure don't want miss out on all the happenings. 

So this week has been full of bagging and tagging.... roving, art batts, hand spun art yarn, suri locks..... not as much fun as making everything but (sigh) still a task that must be done.

Since I've been doing these mundane tasks, the only thing I really have to share is a pic of my finished Tour de Fleece challenge art yarn.   I love, love, love how this turned out!  I spun 59 yards with lots of beads placed between the core spun mohair boucle.  Oh, how I love my beads!
Because I only had 59 yards, I decided to spin up an additional 190 yards without any beads.  This way the beaded yarn can be used as an accent.
That's about it for me.... so if your able to attend festival, please stop by and introduce yourself.  I'll be in the Delano barn, booth D9 and to all those who are attending.....Happy Festival!

and Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. Absolutely wonderful yarn, such a great idea pairing it with a non-beaded yarn, this will make a wonderful palette for some lucky knitter! I am really looking forward to the Fiber Festival, I'll be looking for some fibery goodness at your booth!

  2. Aw, shucks! Now I'm blushing. I LOVE the photo collage. The flowers look gorgeous with your yarn. I am super excited for the Michigan Fiber Festival too. Only 11 more days until we are there!

  3. Gorgeous yarn Melissa! I'll be seeing you at Fiber Festival. I'll be there Fri-Sun helping out Andrea. I'll be sure to stop by!

  4. The beady art yarn deserves a frame and a hanging on the wall ... simply gorgeous!

  5. Your yarn looks simply squishable. Can't wait to see everyone at Allegan. It'll be a great time.

  6. You yarn is beautiful! I love fiber festivals. The anticipation and preparation is part of the fun :) Enjoy!