Friday, October 12, 2012

Vacation Fun

After making plans to visit our  son in Vermont the end of September, I hit the web to see what might be going on over the weekend.  Woo Hoo......found out the Vermont Sheep and Wool festival was that weekend and it was only a hour from our son's house.
So on Saturday Jim and I headed to Tunbridge.....

parking in the infield of the horse track
camping on top of the hill....bathroom at base of hill.  I'd hate to make that trip in the middle of the night!
Food vendors, lamb was definitely on the menu.  This is the first time I've been to a festival that sold both ready to eat lamb as well as frozen.

Sheep, alpaca and llama barn....
And surprise.....the goat barn.  There must be a lot of cashmere goat breeders in the area because they far out numbered all the other animals.  Of course, Jim thought this was awesome.

This guy was really interested in my camera.....

As we moved down the isles, I noticed a couple of ladies in long black dresses.  They were bent over with their backs to us helping with the judging.  I turned to Jim and whispered, "I didn't realize their were Amish in Vermont".   Right after I said this they stood up and to our surprise, they were nuns.

Before we left, I took this picture of Jim outside the "Sugar Shack".  He couldn't wait to get some of the maple treats.  They had maple cotton candy, donuts with maple cream frosting, maple candy and maple ice cream.   He wanted to try the maple ice cream but it was a very cool day so he opted for the donut with maple frosting instead.  I swear he'll go anywhere with me as long as he gets a sweet treat.....what a small price to pay!
We had a great day even though the weather was cold with misty rain most of the day.  The festival was much smaller than Michigan Fiber Festival but well worth seeing. 

Days trips with our son and his girlfriend.....

Fun at the apple orchard......
canning the fruits of our labors.....
We had an awesome time in Vermont with Robert and Ashly.  Then it was time to visit with Jim's family in Northampton, MA. Guess what's in Northampton, MA?......Webs.
What a lucky, lucky girl I was on this vacation.  Just to prove I didn't spend all my time shopping.....came home with my Flamboyan complete and my Akimbo started.
That's it for me today.....hope everyone has a great Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. What a wonderful and busy time you've had! I'd go anywhere if there's maple treats to be had too :) and your shawl is beautiful!

  2. Hey, look who's been having yarny fun on the road! Looks like a great trip. Did you get to take some of the canned apples with you?

    And hooray on the shawl completion - very lovely.

    1. I sure did. We got a little carried away with peeling plus used up all the jars Ashley had. She froze the rest so I could bring the jars. Yippee!!! Hubby is eating some everyday. Luck for him I also brought home more apples.

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  4. What a great vacation! I didn't realize that Vermont Sheep and Wool would be smaller. It's well advertised. I look forward to hearing more of your vacation stories and seeing that shawl in person. It turned out amazing!

  5. This is so much fun! A fiber festival, maple candies (I'd go anywhere for that!), and top it off, WEBS!

  6. Color me jealous! Looks like the perfect vacation and that you have the perfect companion too. WEBS? Really?! I'd have to have a whole day for that stop, I think. Your shawl is stunning and you're welcome for the video linky.