Friday, March 30, 2012

A Day at Yarn Hollow

Last Friday Kelly planned a surprise 50th birthday party for Linda at Your Local Yarn Shop and my assignment was to get Linda out of the store for the day.   Pick her up at 11:00 and return around 5:30pm. This may not sound like a difficult task but how does one go about getting ones boss out of the store on her normal work day?  By enlisting the help of others, of course. 

I called Rita to see if she could help me out by letting us visit her studio for the afternoon.  She graciously agreed and as luck would have it, so did Linda.  I wasn't sure we could stay at Yarn Hollow for the amount of time I needed to keep Linda occupied so Kelly also added a couple of stops to our agenda for the day.  She just had to have some yarn from both Threadbender and A Grand Skein.

Everything turned out well except it took us 1 1/2 hours to drive back to Battle Creek due to an awful rain storm.  Linda did admit she thought something was up because I asked her to leave for the day but she had no idea the surprise that awaited her at the store when we returned.  Friends, family, a taco bar with all the trimmings, veges, fruit, cake, doughnuts, margarita's and sangria......what more could a girl ask for.

Birthday girl with hubby Fred

Felted birthday hat by Jone Rakoski

Pics of the Yarn Hollow fiber I couldn't leave without.....

On my bobbin is the Finn I purchased at The Spinning Loft. It was only 4 ozs. so I took it with me to Rita's and found this braid of BLF, colorway Spumoni, that I'm currently spinning  to use for plying.
These two braids are Merino Tussah Silk Top in two different colorways. Morning Spice and Electric Chai..... 
and this lovely pair of Merino superwash braids in colorways Spumoni and Bengal Bees.  I now have some colorful spinning in my future!
Thanks to Rita and Ruby at Yarn Hollow for the fun afternoon and to all who helped make Linda's surprise a success!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. What beautiful fiber braids! Love those bright colors, must be so much fun to watch them become yarn.

  2. What a great way to celebrate, it looks like such a wonderful day!

  3. Parties at yarn shops = fun! Love those fiber braids too!

  4. oooh darn, you had to buy more fiber ;-)

    The party was so much fun and I loved being there to wish our friend a happy birthday.

  5. The party sounds lovely... so nice to keep her occupied to set it up. :) Looking forward to seeing some colorful spinning. It's beautiful.

  6. all your projects are AWESOME
    love how did the pictures of Linda's party

    see ya soon Sue