Friday, November 11, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ Where did all this yarn come from?

I've been doing some organizing this week and was shocked at how much yarn I had stashed around the house.  A little bag here....a bag there......the next thing I knew there was enough to fill a large tote.  Shocking!!!  So I decided I'd better get my you know what in gear and get to knitting.

I don't know what designer you might turn to but for me it's Stephen West.  Out came my patterns and books and after a couple hours choosing colors from "the stash" my knitting began.

I decided to start with Spectra
and just a day later.....

the pattern is so simple....just short rows and an incredible easy pattern repeat.  Somehow watching those little wedges appear just seems to take the boredom out of knitting this scarf.

I started Drawbridge Wednesday night at Your Local Yarn Shop knit night.  Super, super simple pattern....I'm hoping to get this done by tonight.  When I bought Westknit Book 2 my plan was to use my handspun for the patterns but since I found all that yarn......hmmmmmm you know how that goes.

On the spinning front......I had a line up of bobbins from the last couple of weekends that needed to be plied.

At the bottom of this pic is the yarn I spun at the MIAF alpaca show, the middle is the last bobbin of  coil yarn I started at Ann Arbor Fiber Expo and the top is what I'm spinning for my Stripe Your Fancy shawl.

All in all a very productive I need to get ready for a special day at YLYS for the "Opening day of Yarn Hunting Season".   Yep....yarn hunting season.  Since it's 11/11/11....everything is 11% 10 items and receive an 11th item free.....spend $111.00 and receive $11.00 in "Yarn Bucks" for future purchases....."hunt" for special featured yarns that will be hidden through out the store and last but not can have your picture taken with your "big catch" of the day. 

Sounds like the perfect way to spend the day......oh, no worries, I'll just keep up my montra........use up my stash, use up my stash....

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!


  1. What wonderful projects!! I always feel so thrifty and organized when I use up my 'less than favorite' fiber!! XXO-

  2. Yarn hunting season sounds like fun. :-)

    Those blue panels are quite interesting... will have to check that out.

  3. I love your handspun. And your LYS sounds like so much fun!

  4. Opening day of yarn hunting season ... hahahaa. It's yarn season all year for me!

    I'm trying to destash too, but I just keep finding more excuses to buy more yarn :(

  5. I have a tote of yarn ... actually two, not including my handpsun, but I couldn't resist the Hunting sale. Argh! I had better get off the puter and start knitting.

  6. Every Stephen West project I've seen anyone make has been true genius. I love his simplicity and your color choice is a good one. Looking forward to seeing it finished.

  7. The handspun looks wonderful - I like all three of them. And happy Good Yarn Hunting (now if only Matt Damon would show up ... )