Friday, July 1, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday ~ On Your Mark...

...get set...... GO!

 I've spent this week getting ready for my first Tour de Fleece with the Team of Wonder. 

Spinning wheel ready....check

Empty bobbins...check

To begin my spinning adventure, I carded up some 100% white suri, a blend using suri/merino in blue, teal and white and a blend of suri/merino blue, fawn and white.
In order to have some empty bobbins, I decided to ply up some of my singles.  Now I have some wonderful hand spun already completed.


I'll be thinking of all my fellow team mates tomorrow as I start my ride.......Peddle on everyone, peddle on!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday!!!


  1. Good luck for the tour de fleece ;) Love the handspun you've already completed, fab colours!

  2. Pretty fiber! I'm excited to start spinning too!

  3. Lovely fiber and I can't wait to see what you spin up this month!

  4. Good luck for the TdF. You have some nice yarns there already.

  5. Beautiful yarn! We will schedule some get-together's for during the TdF.

    Viva Team of Wonder!