Friday, April 15, 2011

Fiber Arts Friday- And the Warp goes on.......

Yeah.... I finally got my you know what in gear and got my loom warped.  I will be attending a rigid heddle meeting this Sunday at Wonder Why Alpaca Farm for a much needed refresher course on weaving.

It's been about a year since I've done any weaving and decided it was time to get back at it.  I'm working with cotton for the first time and am going to be making wash cloths.  I'm hoping the weaving will go smoother than the warping process.  Boy I'm I rusty on that! 

I've only used animal fiber before and this cotton seems to be stretchier than I remember alpaca and wool being.  Hopefully everything will work out fine so I can post the finished washcloths.

This week I've also been working on cleaning a beautiful suri fleece.  This fleece was given to me by our friends at Wind Walker Ranch.  The animals name is Captain's RumStud and his fleece is just awesome.  Once I've got it all cleaned I'll need to decide if I'll send it to the mill for spinning or if I'll process it myself and hand spin it.  Decisions, decisions.....

Dirty, dirty, dirty

Mmmmm, clean, clean, clean

And last but not least, here's a pic of the Chloe top I started a couple weeks ago.  Just finishing up the last of the lace on the bottom, then will return to the sleeves to complete.

So thats it for me today.   I really should get back to finishing the Chloe top but haven't had a chance yet to check out all the other Fiber Art Friday postings.  So I guess you know what I'll be doing for the rest of the afternoon!

Happy Fiber Arts Friday


  1. Wow, that sweater is coming right along! Oh, how I love Rumstud's fleece. Looking forward to Sunday and our weaving fun day.

  2. That's some beautiful alpaca you've got there, such a lovely gloss!

  3. Love that lilac! It's going to be a stunning top.

  4. How fun! You're going to have a great day weaving this weekend I'm sure. I love the top you're making. It's gorgeous.

  5. looks like you have pleny to keep you busy-the sweater looks lovely-that alpaca is really pretty and looking forward to the finished washcloths

  6. The Cloe top is very pretty! Have a good time at the weaving class. You are lucky to have a local fiber arts community.

  7. That fleece looks just beautiful, I want to pick it up in handfuls and cuddle it! And good luck with the weaving. :) Your warp looks good to me, I like the wide stripes.

  8. That's all I got to say.