Thursday, March 3, 2011

Winter's Rhythm Knit A Long

Friday, February 25th, was our first knit-a-long using Kelly J Knits pattern Winter's Rhythm.  The knit-a-long is being hosted at Your Local Yarn Shop in Battle Creek.  Since Kelly J is co owner of Your Local Yarn Shop, what better place could we have asked for to host this event! 
Jill's Rhythm

The yarn for this project was hand dyed by Jill June of Studio June Yarn.  The yarn is 100% superwash merino named "Squishy Soft Worsted".  True to it's name it is squishy and soft and Jill has dyed the most amazing colors for this event.
My Rhythm

I started out with a bang and was able to get to round 10 only to find out the next day I had a twist.  So out came the needles and I ripped it out and started over.   I'm now back to round 10 and am just loving the pattern and the yarn (minus the twist).

There are about 15 of us meeting for this knit-a-long and I will post  pictures of all our projects as we progress along. We are all using different colorways and it will be fascinating to see all the different colors as they emerge from our needles.

Kelly J's Rhythm
Lenette's Rhythm
Linda's Rhythm
We will be meeting on Friday nights from 5:30 to 8:00 and Kelly is positive we will have the project completed by March 25th.  So now it's back to my needles for me so I can get the 21 rows complete that is our homework for this week.  Only time will tell if I move beyond the homework.  After all, that will be where the color work truly begins.......

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  1. I am up to row 8 of the first pattern and I'm loving it! The yarn truly is squishy and it's so much fun to know that I only have to knit in 14 stitch increments. Baby steps!